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22 April 2008 @ 07:33 pm
March 26, 2008 Osaka
Hello friends from Osaka! Did your wallet get full yet! (Osaka's cold joke)
I am Park"Osaka" YooChun!!
Ah!..I forgot to ask, Osaka friends, how do you do!!
We've met again, so happy.
How's today's concert?
It is fun?
The 2008 - 3RD LIVE TOUR ~T~, will be in Osaka for4..4..4..4..days!!(^^)/
There is 3 more left.
All 5 of us are very excited, everyone just enjoy!
Our energy comes from your support so keep on pumping us energy!!
Truly Thank You!! We will do our best tomorrow too!!

March 26,2008 Osaka
Hello! I'm JunSu.
How's today's concert? Did you feel my "CHARISMA" yet? (-_-)
Everyone is more excited than yestereday!
I won't lost to you guys, so I sang harder today!
And now my triout is kind of tired (^ ^)
But that a experice, so HAPPY!
Even thou it's raining a lot of fans still came to the concert, I felt the love again, and gain the energy from everyone.
The next 15 concerts, we will work harder, please support us!!
Thank You!!

March 27, 2008 Osaka
Hello! I'm JaeJoong!
We've finished the 2nd concert in Osaka, feel kind of sad (T_T)
But we have 2 more days, so let's make more memories!
Personaly, I was very excited to come to Osaka!
Even thou the concert just ended, I want to see everyone again! o(^-^)o
There was quite a number of male fans! Kind of suprised!
I get happy when I think of the number of male fans of TVXQ!!
But ofcourse there is presure today too ?(???;)
Today is a happy day! Osaka the BEST!!

March 29, 2008 Osaka
Hahaha! (^ ^) Everyone~! I'm ChangMin.
Today we worked very hard to keep the concert going~ (^0^)
But, I've always worried these days..(T_T)
Last year only JunSu talked "Old Fashion Jokes"(grandpa jokes)
This year even thou the main thing is to sing good and dance good,
But still want to show everyone more talent..
Therefore, there is a lot of pressure, goin' crazy..Please help us~
Even now we still don't have any new ideals, what should I do~
Anyways we will try our best.
Hope tomorrow's concert won't have a aokward silence... (>^<*)

March 30, 2008 Osaka
Hello, I'm YunHo.
All of the tours in Osaka ends today.
Connecting with everyone here today has a feeling that you can discribe, we are dancing handsome-ly on the stage today. (*^_0)v
Especially "Somebody To Love" and "Together", everyone was very excited.
I'm very happy. Waving the towel with everyone (^v^) to end the concert, I want to have a concert like that in Osaka again.
When we see eachother again I hope it will be as happy as today.

I love OSAKA ..(^ ^)/


April 13, 2008 Hiroshima - JunSu
Just finished our tour in Guangdo. Two days is too short T_T... I remember last year, our first time with SAUNDOMARINA, I've already have a thought of doing a LIVE in here. Now it became true o(^-^)o I was nervous at first, but because of everone's cheering we were able to get on track very fast (^0^)The live just ended, but I stil wanted to do another tour in Guangdo. Can't wait for the next tour~ ..(^ ^) Thank you everyone for today~~

April 14, 2008 Kiroshima
HELLO~ this is YunHo
How's the 2nd LIVE today?!
We ate samon fice and fried chicken wings, so we're all excited this moring ..(^ ^)
Today is our last tour in Hiroshima, we tried our best to make the happiest concert hehehe (^0^)
At the last song "Love In The Ice" everyone was listening carefully, seems like everyone was about to cry T_T
I won't forget today's LIVE~!
I am excited about our next tour in Hiroshima, Please support us! ..(=^0^=)/
Hirishima is the best! (*^_0)v

April 15, 2008 Hiroshima
(^0^)This is ChangMin
Hiroshima is supportive like always~ I am really happy
You can even sing along with the fast songs. v(^0^)v Some people even cried during the slow songs (T_T), Listening to our songs so carefully, the whole stadium is into one now.
After 2 ours of together, even though there is still spots to work on, but because of tomorrow we have to work harder, therefore, everyone please keep your hopes up!!
I really really like Kiroshima~
..(^ ^)/