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20 March 2008 @ 11:50 am
LMAO!!! Just kiddin’! Ya’ll probably thought that something crazy happened!!! Nope! Not much except ... BIG BANG showed up!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah for you info. It’s it's about 4 hours ahead over here! I know it’s kinda late, but so many friends are here and well I haven’t seen them in forever! Missed them so much! Ahhh!! So HAPPY!

Okay! Now let’s talk about the PARTY!!! It was AWESOME! It started at 5 p.m.. Guests, friends, family and ppls were arriving! WOW! So many people! My uncle’s house is huge!!!!!! It’s like a mansion!!! Well .. a little smaller than a mansion. Ppls arrived sat down and then around 6: 50 or was it 7 p.m. BIG BANG arrived! YAY!!!!! 

*speechless* Talk about luck! The guys looked hot!!! Sorry no pics! The manager wanted to keep it secret or issuess will rise up. We don’t want that now! Everything happened on private property and it was well secured. My uncle had security guards watching every side and corner of his house. Party was a casual .. kinda like a beach party slash get together, so everyone just wore something casual, but at the same time formal.

Oh yeah I performed!!! and so did my sisters and guy friends! It was awesome!!! The performances were so good that I can’t find words to describe them!

My guy friends performed;
"Liar" by Shinhwa
"Time Machine" by Shinhwa
"Hey Girl" by DBSK
"???? ? ?? (Always there...)" by DBSK
"Last Farewell" by BIG BANG

My sisters and I performed;
"My Love" by Baby V.O.X
"Ee Babo" by Wonder Girls
"Forever Love" by FinKL
"Just In Love" by S.E.S

I performed (w/ my sisters as backup singers :D ) ;
"Baby Don’t Cry" by Namie Amuro
"Gonna Tell Everybody" by Christina Milian
"Flavor of Life" by Utada Hikaru

and to end the performances ... I sang "Wishing On A Star" by Wonder Girls

I was so nervous, but when I saw everyone enjoying my performance ... I just forgot about it. Everything went perfect! BIG BANG complimented me on my voice and my performance. They said if I wanted to become a singer it wouldn’t be hard, except that like other singers, I’ll have to go through training. HAPPINESS!!!! WOW! They said I was great!!!!! I can sooo sleep in happiness and dream now!!!

Everyone left at 10 ... everything’s been cleaned up and now it’s time to sleep, but I’m too happy to sleep. Just seeing BIG BANG being able to come is a great honor and I’m so in love!!! They’re so hot!!! This memory will forever be in my heart! Now and Forever! Maybe I will become a singer! Well ...

Annyeong everyone! Goodnight! Hope that everyone’s having a good night sleep and having fun sinnce it’s Spring Break and all! Saranghaeyo! Love ya’ll!
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